Tensovolt Tape (Heat Shrink) EM 1329


It has a combined fabric polyester yarn and spinning chain glass frame, which allows under the action of temperature, have a significant contraction.
This fabric is impregnated with an epoxy modified system flexibility.


Allowed due to the contraction property mentioned above to improve the compaction machine heads rotating coils as a first application. It is also used in the insulation of various fittings and connections.

Physical Properties:

Thermal Class: F
Dielectric Strength: 18 kV / mm.
Linear Shrinkage: 9-11% (1 hour at 100 º C)
Thickness: 0.16 ± 0.02mm.


In cassettes:
Wide number: 15-20-25-30mm
25 and 50 meters long.
Fabric width 1000mm. and 25 meters long.