Safety Solvent for Cleaning electric motors and equipment (environmentally friendly)

Based on natural solvents which avoid fire risk and damage to electrical installations, as they do not have flash point.

It is a non-staining material which does not affect insulation, varnishes, rubber or plastics.

It evaporates slowly, permitting deeper penetration, impregnating a larger area with less product, and it easily accelerates by means of compressed air. It does not leave residues, being the parts totally dry, as it does not contain volatile particles.

It is a very powerful degreasing agent, it dissolves grease and oil effectively and cleans coal stored in coils of brush motors.

It can be used by means of torch spraying, a brush or dipping method.

It does not contain chlorade solvents. It contains abietic acid extracts (PINE).

Physical characteristics

Flash point 92ºC
Dielectric strength 13 Kv/mm
Toxicity (MAC-CMP) 629 P.P.M.
Distillation initiation 188ºC
Dry distillation 211ºC
Corrosive action on copper NO TIENE
Corrosive action on polyethylene NO TIENE
Corrosive action on polystyrene NO TIENE
Dielectric constant 2.1
Surface tension MN/M (ASTM D971) 26

Approved and used by water and energy