Impregnation System for Electric Machines

It consists in a system, 100% solids, for the coating of traction engine armatures, generator armatures, stator field coil windings and for electric machines in general.

The system has three components which are easy to stir-mix and have a good working life (pot-life), which allows smooth application regardless of the size of the machine or the coil to be impregnated.

Blending ratio: (Part in weight)

Resin E-1040 100
Hardener E-03 85
Accelerator A-382 1

It is better to prepare the blend at room temperature, first by adding the accelerator to the resin, and then the hardener. If a shortened preparation time is desired, the amount of accelerator can be doubled.

Usage time at room temperature is 12-14 hours for 0.5 kg preparations.

Polymerization Temperatures

90ºC 6 hours
100ºC – 110ºC 2 hours
120ºC – 130ºC 1 hours

Electrical Properties

Dielectric strength 16 Kv/mm
Surface resistance 10” OHM
Dielectric constant 3.3
Delta tangent 0.004