GLASS – SILICONE Cloth Laminate

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GLASS – SILICONE Cloth Laminate

It is a B-type material. It is basically used for high-performance thermoelectric insulation regarding both mechanical and electrical resistance, when exposed to temperatures of under 200ºC.

Main applications are mechanized parts which function as spacers, collar plates, bus boxes between iron sections of electric ovens in steelworks and in those places where it is required to put insulation under high temperatures for their functioning.


500 x 700 mm plates. Consult about special measurements. We manufacture all kinds of mechanized parts.


From 3 mm to 70 mm.

Technical Specifications

Properties Unit Standard Value
Specific gravity G/CM3 DIN 53479 >1.95
Water absorption % DIN 53495 <1.00
Flexural strength N/mm2 DIN 53452 120
Flexural strength 180ºC N/mm2 DIN 53452 >60
Compression resistance N/mm2 DIN 53454 >350
Shearing resistance N DIN 53463 >2000
Impact resistance KJ/m2 ISO 1642 25
Dielectric strength Kv ASTM D-149 20/25
Peak working temperature ºC 250-320