Fiberglass-epoxy tubes, Filament Winding system

Is a technique to generate rolling structures fiberglass yarns in this case, impregnated with various resins (polyester, epoxies, estervinilicas, silicones, etc.).

In our specific case, the elements of this system products are specifically geared to electrical insulation and greater ability to tolerate higher internal and external pressures with low thickness. Normally tubes for this procedure is part of a soul or center known as mandrel that defines the inner diameter, on which produces the mentioned winding crossing angle determined to increase its strength, movement and speed of rotation of the mandrel adjusted to form a repeated design in a layer covering the entire suit with the number “n” of layers depending on the thickness required. Once this process is placed in a furnace to achieve adequate polymerization of the resin system chosen at this time. Attached for information only in certain physical values that indicate the properties of the products obtained.

– Specific Weight: 1.7 – 1.8
– Tensile strength: 4000 – 4500 kg/cm2.
– Tensile moduls: 4.9×105 kg/cm2.
– Compress strength: 3000 – 3500 kg/cm2.
– Flexural: 7000 – 10000 kg/cm2
– Acids / alkalis strengh: Muy Buena.