Epoxy-based finishing enamels

This is a two-component system with solvents and a high content of solids, curing agents, and poluamine and polyamide adducts.

It is suitable as a finishing material for any kind of electric machines (engines, generators, etc.) due to its good chemical resistance to atmospheric agents, abrasion and impact.


Mix pigmented base (component A) with the reagent (component B), in a 5:1 relation to volume (component A: component B). Mix without diluting and wait at least 1 hour of pre-reaction time.

The mix must be used within 8 hours. It can be kept for a longer time if it is stored at temperatures lower than 5ºC.

During application, drying and curing, room temperature must not be lower than 15ºC.

Touch-dry is after 2 hours and hard dry in 8 hours, with final curing after 6 or 7 days.

Brush application gives 8mts2/liter, with thicknesses of 50 to 70 microns of dry film.

Physical Properties of Mix

Specific gravity 1,30/1.40 Grs/Cm3
Viscosity 35 seconds Ford Cup Nº 4
Solids minimum 60%

Diluent: 369-287

Film properties

Acid resistance it complies (IRAM 1198)
Alkaline resistance it complies (IRAM 1198)
Resistance to water it complies (IRAM 1198)
Oil mineral resistance it complies (IRAM 1198)

Dielectric strength (IRAM 2070 V/0.01mm)

A) Dry 530
B) Humid 410

Hard-face: Satisfactory
Adhesion: Satisfactory


As these are chemical products we recommend avoiding direct eye or skin contact. Wash with soap and water. Brushes, spray painters or rollers must be washed with our diluent prior to hardening.

Product code of this line

369-286 Transparent Epoxy Varnish
369-302 Red Epoxy Enamel
369-304 White Epoxy Enamel
369-306 Black Epoxy Enamel
369-307 Gray Epoxy Enamel
369-289 Epoxy Plasticine
369-311 Epoxy mastic